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Offering economic impact since 2007

Washington Filmworks is proud to have partnered with 118 projects between 2007 and 2016.


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$319 M

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Production Incentive Program

Washington Filmworks offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 30% for motion pictures and episodic series with less than six episodes and up to 35% for episodic series with at least six episodes.

Washington Filmworks offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 15% for commercials. Commercial applicants who have not worked in Washington State previously and who are using a Washington based production company are eligible for a one-time return of 25%.

Some non-resident labor may qualify for a return of up to 15% if the production meets all eligibility criteria as detailed in the full Guidelines and Criteria, including but not limited to, utilizing at least an 85% Washington resident labor force.

Washington Filmworks requires that all productions receiving funding assistance make industry standard payments for health insurance and retirement benefits for all positions typically covered by a collective bargain agreement.

The Board of Directors of Washington Filmworks may allocate up to $350,000 annually to support Washington resident filmmakers and filmmakers using new forms of production and emerging technologies. This funding is allocated through the Filmworks Innovation Lab.

Cash Back in 30 Days

With one of the nation’s most competitive markets for independent film and commercial production, Washington Filmworks provides funding assistance for feature films, episodic series and commercials through both our standard Production Incentive Program and our Innovation Lab. As approved non profit organization, Washington Filmworks is unlike any other incentive program nationwide and delivers on understanding what’s most important to filmmakers. Promising cash back in 30 days, Washington Filmworks is a unique, responsive and entrepreneurial non-profit organization that prides itself on its customer service and on providing the best of what Washington State has to offer.

For more information on the Production Incentive Program or the Innovation Lab please contact our office (206) 264-0667 or