Production Incentive Program

In order to qualify for funding assistance through the standard production incentive program, the production company must meet the following in-state spending thresholds

Helpful Resources to Guide You Through the Production Incentive Process


Motion Pictures


Episodic Series (per episode)



  • For a full list of program details and what qualifies for the Production Incentive Program, check out our Guidelines and Criteria.
  • To read an overview of our most frequently asked questions we get about the Standard Incentive Program, here is the Incentive Fact Sheet.
  • Get the process started for funding assistance by filling out our Application.
  • Our Code of Conduct can be used as a tool for location scouts to better explain how film crews are expected to act on location. Location Scouts can also provide this document when approaching local businesses or home owners about using their property as a location for filming. This document will help them understand the impact of a production. Productions approved for funding assistance must distribute this document to department heads.
  • To claim funding assistance on wages and salaries paid to Washington State, approved projects must complete the Declaration of Residency Form.
  • Expedite the funding assistance process by visiting our Completion Package page.
  • Following the internal review of production and/or post-production completion packages by Washington Filmworks, each production must complete the Department of Commerce Survey. The survey must then be emailed to the Department of Commerece, with a copy to Julie Daman, Director of Operations and Finance ( No funds will be issued until a copy of the survey has been submitted to Washington Filmworks and Washington Filmworks has verified the Department of Commerce has received the survey.
  • Prior to applying for funding assistance, please contact our office to check on the availability of funds.