City/County Film Permits

City / County Film Permits

Once you find that ultimate location in the perfect town it’s time to secure permission to film there. But with nearly five hundred municipalities in Washington, where does a production start? Washington Filmworks can help connect you with the proper authorities in most areas, but if you’re reaching out on your own, begin with a little research.

Permits are based on individual jurisdiction and are usually required if a production plans to film on public property. Some municipalities may not have specific procedures in place for film permitting. They may alternatively issue a special use permit or special event permit.

Larger cities that are more frequented by production have streamlined permitting procedures. If an area has a “Film Office” the municipality or the Chamber of Commerce generally manages it. If there is no “Film Office” or specific point of contact for filming, try contacting City Hall. The City Clerk is often a great starting place. Perhaps the town is a little more quaint; if that’s the case, reach out to an elected official, such as the mayor, or contact the area sheriff’s office to begin your inquiry.

County permits are usually required for filming on county roads, county buildings or in unincorporated areas.

If you need specific information for an area, please contact Washington Filmworks, 206-264-0667

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