Washington Filmworks would like to recognize our Film Leaders and Team Captains who have volunteered their time, energy and networking abilities to help with our renewal campaign.  This well-connected and politically active group of film leaders have agreed to share our updates and calls to action with others in the film industry.  Equally important, they give us valuable feedback so that we may better communicate with our community.

As things begin to heat up in Olympia, there will be more urgent calls to organize and act.  These networks and their contributions to our success will be critical.  If you know, or have worked with one of these individuals and would like to be a part of their renewal network, please drop them a line and let them know you’d like to come onboard.  If you need help contacting one of our Film Leaders or Team Captains, please email Washington Filmworks at info@washingtonfilmworks.org.

WF Team Captains

  • Gordon Adams
  • Ben Andrews
  • Sara Jennifer Chiro
  • Howard Cohen
  • C. David
  • Rik Deskin
  • Dave Drummond
  • Denise Gibbs
  • Lisa Hammond
  • Basil Harris
  • Colin Plank
  • Melissa Purcell
  • Leo Roberts
  • Mary Russell
  • Tim Watkins

Film Leaders

  • Brad Anderson
  • Beth Barrett
  • Dena Beatty
  • Lyall Bush
  • Philip Cowan
  • Warren Etheredge
  • Mark Gerth
  • Megan Griffiths
  • Dave Jacobsen
  • James Keblas
  • Wilson Large
  • W.J. Lazerus
  • Ron Leamon
  • Peter Ong Lim
  • Gina Lockhart
  • Marty Oppenheimer
  • Deborah Person
  • Dawn Richard
  • Bob Riggs
  • Leslie Ronald
  • Lynn Shelton
  • Greg Smith
  • Carl Spence
  • Christopher Swenson
  • Edwin Weihe

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