Keep Film In WA Facts


A Local Business Tells Its Story

For the first time in its history, Washington Filmworks has commissioned some of our most gifted production companies and storytellers to visually depict our collective story. Our goal is to tell personal, intimate stories about why film is important in Washington State. We want to put a face on film, introducing industry professionals and businesses that help make Washington State a vibrant and interesting place to live.

The diversity of businesses affected by film production, from lumber yards to grocery stores to hotels to restaurants, illustrates that the economic impact of film production on a community can be transformative. Nearly 50% of in-state spending on a production goes to Washington State businesses, such as Giles Catering.

Spokane-based Giles Catering, run by Rick and Beckie Giles, is a staple of film production on both sides of the state. Rick and Beckie have a long history of working in the industry and feeding the cast and crew, and own one of the many indispensable businesses driving Washington’s film industry. Watch this short video where Rick and Beckie discuss the influence¬†of Washington’s incentive program on their business, family, and lives. People like Rick and Beckie are essential to the statewide film industry as they ensure it’s vibrant, it’s moving, and no one on-set goes hungry.

Thank you to Rick and Beckie Giles for their time and years of service to the industry, and to North by Northwest for producing this video.

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