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Town of Winthrop – November 2014

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Winthrop looks like you just stepped back in time to the 1890’s, complete with wooden boardwalks and western storefronts. It is home to the oldest legal saloon in Washington State and some of the most stunning alpine scenery found anywhere. Tucked between the North Cascade Mountains and the sage grass foothills, Winthrop is a town of just 400 people yet swells to much more every weekend as visitors flock to enjoy its world-class recreation. It is home to the nation’s largest cross-country ski area with over 120 miles of perfectly groomed trails. Nearly every recreational pursuit is available – hiking, biking, camping, rafting, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and more. What Winthrop does not have is chain stores, mini-malls, stop lights or a fast-paced way of life. Its citizens operate on “Methow Time” – meaning they take the time to enjoy each other and all that surrounds them.

Winthrop Weather

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Winthrop is on the east side of the North Cascade mountain range and is known for its sunny skies year-round and light, dry snow in the winter.

Average Temperature:

January – High 28.9 F, Low 11.2 F

July – High 86.2 F, Low 49.3 F


January Rainfall – 2.04 inches

July Rainfall – 0.60 inches

January Snowfall – 20.6 inches

Source: Western Regional Climate Center

Projects Filmed in Winthrop

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

  • American Pickers
  • Ice Road Truckers 
  • Numerous catalog and photo shoots.

Key Locations of Interest

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Everything Winthrop has cannot be found in the production centers of Seattle and Spokane: western history and architecture, wooden boardwalks, and stunning alpine and sage-land scenery. Winthrop celebrates that there are no chain stores, no mini malls, no stop lights, and no traffic.

Distance to Closest Large Washington Airport

  • Pangborn Memorial Airport is approximately 103 miles from Winthrop.
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 246 miles from Winthrop.
  • Spokane International Airport is approximately 180 miles from Winthrop.

Distance to Closest Large Cities in Washington

  • Seattle is 240 miles from Winthrop.
  • Spokane is 185 miles from Winthrop.
  • Wenatchee is 100 miles from Winthrop.

Relevant Contact Name and Information

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

  • Local Film Liaison – Kristen Smith, Marketing Director for The Town of Winthrop, (509) 429-0234, visitwinthrop@gmail.com
  • Agency that issues permits and costs – The Town of Winthrop, (509) 996-2320
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control –  The Town of Winthrop, (509) 996-2320


Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

Photo credit: Methow Valley Photography.

A list of accommodations can be found at winthropwashington.com

Adventure is in the air with a certain western flair in Winthrop!


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